Below is some holiday apartments owned by our gardening clients. These are available to rent on a weekly basis. 

As I have got to know my gardening clients, I have discovered some of them have properties abroad which they personally use. On further discussion they have expressed they would be happy to rent out the apartments for holiday use to trusted people. This is where I come in, as I am helping them find people who are interested in going abroad for their holidays and who would respect the apartments. I am not advertising this to the masses, but a few trusted people. Our clients, friends and friends of friends etc. 

As this is something I am interested in, I am teaming up with my lady ( Simone ) and we are going to show lots of photos of the apartments, local village/town. Information on getting there from the UK. Car rental which has been tried. Reviews on local cafe's, bars, restaurants etc. Give places to visit locally and how to get there, including bus/train info.  


The idea behind this is the logistics worry can be taken out of the holiday and more emphasis on just enjoying your time away, either by visiting some of our/our clients/our reviews you have given back or just doing your own thing. 


To to make this work, it would be good to have feed back from holiday makers so we can improve and update things. Also a testimonial would be helpful for others looking to try the apartments for themselves. 


Any my questions please feel free to ask.... Tim & Simone

Apartments Offered


Italy, Canino - 2 bedroom Apartment


This is a quaint apartment in the village of Canino.

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